kind dreams

As an independent artist I spend a lot of time alone with my thoughts. I didn’t grow up with abundance, quite the contrary, and had an early distaste for our capitalist fascination with stuff. As I grow in my awareness and think about my footprint, I started to think about reaching for our dreams.

Our conversations about pursuing dreams often center around achieving a rich life. Not a life of balance or meaning (which isn’t to say that pursuing dreams must be imbalanced or devoid of meaning). I find meaning and happiness in my work. Balance has yet to come! But recently I thought about how we’re encouraged to dream BIG and BOLD. But… what if we were encouraged to dream KIND? To expand our personal dreams to be more? What if our dreams of success were for more than our individual selves. To decentralize the self and instead think of our dreams as ones that include others – to lift each other up and share visions of a beautiful, loving world.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful new way to dream?