pashmina announcement


I am thrilled to share the official announcement of my graphic novel Pashmina! You can read about the story, my inspiration and see 3 final pages here! I will be working on the final art through the end of this year and into the beginning of next year. As we move forward my publisher, First Second Books, has said I can share progress posts with you, so look forward to those monthly!

Thanks for all your support ^_^

holi flour



I’ve been very inspired by comic artists recently. I love both the comic artists who take their time to create amazing full-color works and those who do quick day-of thoughts! I’ve been focused on Pashmina, producing 10-12 thumb nailed pages a week, so I created this comic in a free 30 minutes. I hope you enjoy it and happy holi! ^_^

happy diwali


i’ve been swamped with work on my solo show and pashmina, but i couldn’t let diwali pass without sharing an illustration. this was one of my first illustrations for diwali back in 2010. i remember the entire time i was drawing it i had a HUGE smile on my face.


happy diwali!

happy 4th!


i created this illustration for a commission, but i thought it was perfect to share today. happy 4th!

a grand adventure


one of my favorite older illustrations – life is an adventure and i’m so happy to be on this journey with my hubbahubba ^_^

i’d wait 1,000 years


saturday school – week 45


saturday school – week 44


saturday school – week 43


saturday school – week 42