I rarely have clearance/fire sales, but if you have a Gen 2 iPad, today’s your lucky day! I have two designs at $5 each in my shop.  If you have other skin or case needs, I have selected work available at Nuvango (formerly Gelaskins).

Have a great week! ^_^

paper wishes


free bird


fresh air

i’m returning from a lovely time away next week – back to regular sketches then ^_^

leaving on a jet plane

above it all

after a grueling week, i feel spent and i just want to be above it all.


he’s determined to get somewhere. i had lots of fun with this one, and finished it in record time! one hour and i tried to cover color, comp, and lighting. i started to laugh as i drew his face, is that weird? to laugh at your own drawing? hahaha, i still think its funny, in a cute sorta way.

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