saves the day


this is an older image that i still love… we just returned from comicon and i will be exhibiting at sf gift this weekend (yikes!). so i will be back to posting sometime next week – have a great week!

oregon trail

oregontrail copy

highway 101


this will be the beginning of my pulling back on daily drawings. my calendar is full with shows, work and cons until july already and i am feeling excited but also overwhelmed. i will post when i can! have a great week ^_^

california girl

when i moved to northern california for college and i would drive 400 miles south home to see my parents… i don’t know when i decided, but i started leaving at 3am and driving through the morning. even now, i do the same thing… and as i drove home this morning i remembered why – it is simply beautiful.

now, off to take a nap!

girls night out