float on


on and on

“on and on we’ll be together / on and on we’ll stay together”

look out

bird song

birds’ eye

this is one of three images I created for a photographer, I will post the other two when he’s updated his website. I believe he will use this for his watermark… I had the flu last week which took everything out of me, I don’t think I’ve been that sick in 10 years!

so I have been behind on everything. I have two other jobs that people have contacted me about that I am beginning to work on (yay!) and things are very busy. I hope to start painting for my show in February again too!


Sometimes birds crave good music! As I painted this triptych I imagined her strumming alone, with her eyes closed and the birds gathering around her. Do you think she will open her eyes and discover them? Or will they disappear?

I painted this on re-purposed wood over the past month for a show, it was a lot of fun.

Here are some alternate and detail shots 🙂


This is from my sketchbook… I didn’t have time to ink it between school work and getting sick (boo!)… enjoy!