polar plunge

ballo and billi

Bear jug band illustration

jug band + commissions

Commission ad
I’m excited to announce a new type of commission. I wanted to increase the access to my commissions and reduce the cost. I’m releasing no background commissions – they start at $500 and are first come, first serve. I will release 10 slots at a time. Read more about them here.
I’m off for the weekend – back on Tuesday! Have a happy week!

bear down


bear necessities & denver


I will be at Denver Comicon this Fri-Sunday! If you’re in and around Colorado I hope you’ll come by and say hello. Everyday Love Art will be in Artist’s Valley table A1-13. I will also be speaking about my journey to art at the DMZ (Discussion Media Zone) on Saturday from 1:30-2p.

Hope to see you there ^_^

it’s beginning to look

just a reminder, if you are shopping for the holidays to get your order by christmas (domestic) please order by this thursday, december 19th. you can always purchase a gift certificate, which is emailed to your recipient within 24 hours ^_^



happy thanksgiving!



baby bear


sipping chocolate


i’m still on break but i wanted to re-share some of my favorite images. ^_^ my mother-in-law and i were talking about this hot cocoa called sipping chocolate once last year… a few days later i created this illustration.

there are days when i am truly happy with an image and this is definitely one of them – i love the play of small and large, the steam coming off the mug and the look the bear and girl are exchanging. there is so much story here – but there’s also story that the viewer can add. it’s one of the things i love the most about art.

i can create this illustration, but you can create the rest. what do you think happens next?

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