road to hana

this weekend i will be exhibiting at APE in san francisco. if you’re in the city come to table 214 and say hello! we will have tons of prints as well as necklaces, buttons, and tees!

hope to see you there!

this is love

i wanted to share this lovely interview on sepia mutiny – and a spot illustration i did!

Taste Desserts

I am very fortunate to spend part of my week at Project Read-Menlo Park, an organization that helps adults learn how to read, write and speak English. They are having their annual dessert fundraiser tomorrow (sorry for the late notice). If you live near by, come and join us!

What could be better than a Saturday night full of restaurant quality desserts, music, and more? Really its all about the chocolate. ^_^

More information here.

A Rotto Love

I am still recovering, so I am sharing this piece I created for a non-profit that rescues pit bulls and rottweilers.

Also, I wanted to direct you to His Birdie’s Nest – this week Alison is doing a giveaway, check out how to enter for a chance to win one of my prints 🙂

more blog love

i want to share a sweet write up by an old high school friend who writes a great blog about the wonderful things in life: love, food, and family. what more do you need? she does this super sweet regular post on fridays where she writes five things she loves about her hubby – in a culture where marriage jokes and ‘ball and chain’ stuff is the norm, it is so lovely to see that the little things do matter.

so, without further ado here’s her post!

and my favorite of her five for friday. because my hubbahubba kisses me on the head too, and it is one of my most favorite things!

oh, and another blog post, with some of my older work – its so wonderful that people are finding me! it just makes me so happy!



i was invited to be a featured artist on the anti-achievers website. they are a wonderful design firm based out of new york – check out my interview! i created this piece for them as part of the feature ^_^

contests, write ups, oh my!

it’s been an exciting week! i’ve entered a few contests:

threadless: finding friends

infectious: tree songs

and i’ve been popping up around the web, very sweet write ups by some folks on my work – it makes me so happy to know that my work makes people smile!

cuteness galore

drifting and dreaming with nidhi

and this post from the ukraine! scraps of emotion

here it is translated

that’s all for now – time to relax and rest ^_^

music monsters

this is a banner i created for the sf bay area music blog the bay bridged.

Nidhi in the news!

I was featured in a bunch of papers, check out the article!

as a result of this, i have *finally* put select illustrations on tees, cards and mugs – here are some: