more fun in photoshop


back from tech problems and i’m busy with too many projects. instead of a sketch here is a teaser from one of them… its a panel from a page i’m contributing to an anthology called “zine girls of the 90s” i’ve removed the text… i’ll post the finished when its done and approved! 🙂

monster and girl

not a lot of time for art today, so some quick illustrator images for practice 🙂

seat tags

here is another piece of the wedding. i drew a bunch of different little characters, punched holes in them and put fabric between to make cute little seat tags. my mother-in-law helped me tons with this project, i don’t think i would’ve finished them without her.

i had a whole vision for the tags, and my wonderful bridesmaids had to clip them with teeny tiny clothespins to twine wrapped around a tree. in the end, i think they looked perfect!

thanks to angela for the lovely photo.


i can’t believe it’s over. i miss everything and everyone! i am very excited for our life together and all of our creative projects. to some degree the wedding itself felt like one big creative project – i hope all our projects individual and shared will be just as successful. <3


More experiments with illustrator.

nerdy birdy

Playing in illustrator 🙂


I haven’t had time to do much art recently, boo! But I have been playing with illustrator a lot, I created these guys in there. Now – back to wedding work!


No more drama! My first experiment in illustrator…. Here’s to many, many more!

on the river

i had a ton of fun with this one. i was trying to remember focal point rules and really trying to get the colors right.

this one is for my nicky.


I tried many new painting techniques with this and I’m fairly happy with it. This was pen and ink, scanned in and digitally colored. I am still trying work around retracing the whole drawing digitally in order to change the line color. I would also like to add transparencies, but for now, this will do.