pashmina (big news! ^_^)


I am super excited to share that I have signed with First Second (Macmillan) for my debut graphic novel, Pashmina.

This is the big project that made me pull back from daily drawings and I am happy to finally be able to share the news! I’ve been writing (and re-writing, mostly) the book for about a year and will be working on the drawings for the next two years. Thus far it has been one of the hardest things I’ve done in my career and I’m nowhere near finished! The above drawing is one that I used in my initial pitch to publishers. It isn’t final art and won’t appear in the book but I believe it captures my feelings and the essence of the story.

That’s all I can share for now. Have a happy Monday! ^_^

(The official announcement was in Publisher’s Weekly)





I had this thought the other day that I couldn’t shake… that our worries follow and haunt us. I started to sketch and ended up with a comic where love destroys the worries. The hubbahubba looked at it and said “But it wouldn’t happen so quickly.” And I agree, some worries we can fight with love and some we carry with us.

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend ^_^



this is a page from my journal ^_^ due to a variety of things that are shifting my focus, i will be posting on tues, thurs and saturday only for the next few months. have a happy week!

for my boo


for my boo, my hubbahubba, my best friend, happy birthday!

my first thanksgiving

this is a comic i created a little bit ago about my first ever american thanksgiving – happy thanksgiving everyone! i hope you have a wonderful weekend ^_^




lessons i learned from music #1


this is a very rough page from my journal, i use it to work out a lot of my stress… it really helps sometimes to write and draw it out ^_^

wookin’ pa nub


one of the first things the hubbahubba and i did together was create comics. we explored our creativity, and my goofy and loud side emerged. if i live to love, i also live to laugh. one of my absolute favorite things about him is that he gets me – he knows when i say something that seems serious, that its also funny and… he laughs, which in turn, makes me laugh. i’ve never met anyone who can make me laugh as much, at even the serious stuff.

this is a mini comic that he wrote and i drew. he doesn’t know i devoted time to creating this because i’m always too busy to work on our stuff. so, this one is for you. ^_^

9 lives, 6 senses


lost & found



pizza time


i’m super excited to share this comic – its the beginning of a new goal. written by my hubbahubba, nick, i hope to post these once a week. i really miss drawing comics! anyway, i hope you enjoy it ^_^