sometimes listening to music makes me miss you less.

mostly, it makes me miss you more.

fall time

it’s my favorite time of year. i think what i love the most is how everything you do seems sweeter, cuddlier and full of love.


sometimes this is what i look like when i come back from the library, and my hubbahubba says “you brought home half the library!” and i always say “no, i didn’t. i know what half the library looks like and this isn’t it” ha!

love line


gotta love the rocker!

move photography

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had creating these logos! I think they turned out really well, too.

It also fits fabulously into this weeks topic: blur! I think if he really took all his photos at this angle, they would be a big blur!

I am swamped with projects (in a good way), some top-secret (hah) some not – I am beginning to paint pieces for the gallery show, which is very exciting. Busy, busy bee.

birds’ eye

this is one of three images I created for a photographer, I will post the other two when he’s updated his website. I believe he will use this for his watermark… I had the flu last week which took everything out of me, I don’t think I’ve been that sick in 10 years!

so I have been behind on everything. I have two other jobs that people have contacted me about that I am beginning to work on (yay!) and things are very busy. I hope to start painting for my show in February again too!

math detective

an illustration i did for angela hill, math detective!

i worked on this non-stop for a day and a half, it was so much fun and i learned a lot in the process… it makes me happy, i hope it does the same for you 🙂

hi there

i’ve been playing around in illustrator and photoshop a lot – i take my sketches and add color and texture – i am getting some really nice results. i hope you like it!

what’s up?

what’s up?

8 x 15.5

my co-worker and a great reference librarian gave me a dozen or so books on contemporary artists and collections of artists. i leafed through some this weekend and it made me want to paint. i threw paint on a few canvases and tonight i painted this little guy on one of them. i hope you like it!

all images copyright nidhi chanani.

glam shots: