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Whenever I’m packing, my kitty mews at me and tries very hard to unfold my clothes and subsequently my travel plans. I understand though, she hates to see me go, but it’s okay because I always come back.


Sometimes birds crave good music! As I painted this triptych I imagined her strumming alone, with her eyes closed and the birds gathering around her. Do you think she will open her eyes and discover them? Or will they disappear? I painted this on re-purposed wood over the past month for a show, it was […]


I’m so late with this, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the topic, finals took over and I just got to this last night and colored it this morning. Fun! Oh – and this is the first where 72dpi really doesn’t do the original justice, bleh!


if it wasn’t for nick i wouldn’t have thought of the perfect subject for the topic poise: a kitty! update: i did a quick digital color on saturday morning, now its time to do my taxes!