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Thank you to the folks who’ve sent me messages and shared I will be Fierce with kids. Illustrating this book was a huge challenge as the text is powerful but not clearly visual. I revised sketches many times in order to match Bea Birdsong’s words with a strong visual story about a girl facing the challenges of her day. The positive response makes it worth it!

Here are some interior spreads – the librarian is based off my kid’s favorite story time librarian!

Thank you and I hope you have a lovely week!

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  1. Jan Hansen
    Jan Hansen says:

    We love your illustrations in I Will be Fierce! My daughter adopted and child after being her foster mom and has written two books not published.She is unhappy with some of the illustrations. I hope she will reach out to you. Her name is Kristin Lauderback and her daughter is Leah Love Lauderback. Hope you will sit across a desk one day.
    Your are a talented woman that already changes the world.
    With appreciation,
    Jan Hansen


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