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  1. Deepika Bakshi
    Deepika Bakshi says:

    hey.. i have started following your blog recently. And i m really inspired by your illustrations. IT is really true dat ur illustrations bring smile on my face. I feel soo connected to them. I think almost every girl can relate to it. Thnk u for bringing smile to our face.. cheers.. n keep up the good wrk.. 🙂

  2. Karen Helton
    Karen Helton says:

    So excited for you and yours, This is such a wonderful reason to celebrate, and it feels so special and unique and yet it ties us all together through time and place, across every difference. I am so so very happy for you. You will be wonderful parents.

    Now, when can we expect to meet the little artist? May, June, July???

    Thoughts and prayers for you of health, strength, happiness and openness to enjoy the whole experience.

    HOORAY!! Karen


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