saturday school – week 12


One of the fun parts of saturday school is deciding what phrase I am going to write. Working on it with my mom entails emails going back and forth all week. The first thing we determine is if the phrase works in both languages – there are phrases I want to write but they translate weird, so my mom will present a variation that makes sense in Hindi but it reads weird in English. Many phrases get tossed for that reason.

My favorite part is what I like to call the “cheeseometer” we send each other phrases and throw out a lot because they’re just too cheesy. I am usually at fault because I love cute, simple things. This week’s phrase was one my mom proposed and I immediately loved it ^_^

Happy Saturday!

(more about saturday school here)

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  1. Jorie
    Jorie says:

    I love this saying! I learned of your Saturday School through Sharrell Cook’s White Indian Housewife blog. I’ve taken some Hindi lessons in the past and really appreciate the way you’re combining the two languages with a phrase and art work. I started a twitter feed some time ago and I wanted my twitter name to be “color everything” in Hindi. Since I didn’t know how to say that, I went with what I thought meant “all the colors” : Sub Kuch Rang. Unfortunately since then, my Indian friends have told me that my translation is incorrect. Could you tell me what might be an appropriate translation, if I want my name to mean “color your life” or “color everything” or ” take in all the colors”? I think color is beautiful, and the idea of color holds a deeper and more versatile meaning of; living things, variety, culture, the colors of our skin, and being bold, among other things.

    Anyhow, I look forward to your future drawings!
    Thank you and all the best!


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