i win!

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  1. Alvina
    Alvina says:

    Nidhi (I had a roommate in college named Nidhi!), I LOVE your art!  :-D  Just discovered you tonight on Etsy and just love love love every piece.  I love the love-scenes.  I love how they’re often interracial couples.  :D  I love the animals (the pandas.  I die!)
    I’m orginally from San Francisco, currently living in Boston.  :]  Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!

    • Nidhi Chanani
      Nidhi Chanani says:

      hi alvina – thank you so much for your sweet message! i am super happy you enjoy my work, it means a lot to know and head from you!

      i hope you’re keeping cool in boston, its pretty chilly here in the city! ^_^

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