i am somewhat like a cat – curious and attracted to shiny, new things. as an artist i feel the same attraction to new things but often i don’t find the time to explore those desires. as i look forward in my career and life i want to be able to evolve with my work, to go where the art takes me. as much as i direct it, it also directs me. over the past year i’ve been very attracted to watercolor. the indian student in me kept saying “i need to take a class” and the nidhi in me said, “just try it!” so i did – armed with what i know about art already, some good paint and some not-so-good brushes ^_^

these are my results, and the trio of framed pieces will be available at trickster in berkeley. (grand opening this friday & saturday)





wood grain


last night i joined a bunch of other female artists at 111 minna for sketch tuesdays. being inside a community of creators, in a space full of art is really lovely. i decided to create mini wood burnings and while i was burning the first piece i thought about how the process of creating art is just as beautiful as the finished piece.

as i started the second piece (and normally i don’t burn two pieces in one sitting and my fingers were definitely aching at the end) i saw that beneath my work, there was an additional pattern coming through the wood grain. in a way, i felt that the wood was collaborating with me to create layers of art. the relationship that develops with a medium, whether its sketching on paper, painting on the computer, or burning wood may not be visible, but its there – in each shade, shadow and line.

those are the things that make me truly love art.

wood burning + last hours

its the last hours of my sale on fab, too. there are still some prints and wood burnings available.

i’m going to take a few days off of the daily work to focus on some other projects, back soon!


burnt + shows

these are some of the close ups from my solo show work!

i will be in LA on friday the 7th for the opening reception of the “i want my music video” show, i have a piece inspired by michael jackson’s black or white video in the show! i will also be back in the bay and selling my work at the rockridge out and about festival in oakland on sunday!

hope to see you there ^_^

(photos courtesy the math detective)


this is a preview of some of the wood burnings i’ve completed for my solo show (opening reception on september 9th)… i’ll be working away on these all week! hope you had a lovely weekend!

this little pig

i’ve been working a lot – so i’m going to take a few days away from the computer (and the daily drawings) to work on some wood –
but before that, i’m going to chase the sun through the city ^_^

be back soon!


i have been exploring wood burning – here is my first finished piece, and one in progress. i hope to complete a large number of these next year ^_^

i hope you’re having a lovely day!